Merger and Acquisition

W&D M&A consulting service for foreign investors in Korea is designed to assist with all aspects of the merger and acquisition process. Here is a brief overview of our services.

1. Strategy development:

W&D can assist with developing an M&A strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives.  

We can help you identify potential targets, evaluate the risks and benefits of each option, and develop a 

plan to achieve a successful transaction.

2. Due diligence:               

Our team can conduct due diligence on potential targets to assess their financial, legal, and operational performance. 

This includes analyzing financial statements, reviewing contracts and agreements, 

and identifying any potential risks or liabilities.

3. Negotiation and deal structuring:


We will assist with negotiating the terms of the transaction and structuring the deal to minimize risk and maximize value. 

This includes drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements, 

as well as providing guidance on tax implications and regulatory compliance.

4. Document and contract preparation:

Our team provides the service of preparing necessary documents and contracts for the M&A transaction, 

including letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, purchase agreements, and closing documents. 

We will ensure that all documents and contracts are in compliance with local laws and regulations and that 

they are tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

5. Post-merger integration:

Our team can provide support with post-merger integration to ensure a smooth transition and successful 

integration of the acquired business. 

This includes developing integration plans, managing the integration process, and providing ongoing support.

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